Charles Steinberg, Credo
Charles Steinberg, Mythic City
A Post-Minimalist collection of paintings and sculptures
Charles Steinberg, Rainy Day

Welcome to the Mythic City® of today as created by Charles Steinberg, a unique composition from a daringly new perspective that has not been attempted before...

The concept seeks to capture the vibrancy and spirit of a very dynamic — even poetic — place. The light, materials, unique pace, atmosphere and sounds...are all in this series of art works. Nuance and subtlety is captured in this remarkable new concept. Contrasts and irony now appear with conflicting textures...glazes of color layered with the subtle use of varied materials.

The avant gard of today seeks a sensitive, cultivated audience looking to read beyond the superficial. This new artistic thrust is expanding the horizons of painting using varied materials and techniques as well as exploring new forms of tension within the confines of compositional balance.

Instead of mere representations, these works of art — with chromatic invention, bold brushwork, and sculptural three dimension — achieve the spirit of the subjects.