Charles Steinberg, the Artist

Charles Steinberg previously was a product designer, stylist and space designer, and currently is a prominent fine artist.

Charles Steinberg was born and raised in New York City and at a very early age picked up a paintbrush and practically never wanted to put it down. There never was a doubt in his mind what he wanted to do with his life. He studied his craft at Parsons School of Design, then with Hans Hofmann, and with Walter Kienebush at the Brooklyn Museum as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology. Soon after, he started a design studio, which grew to be one of the most successful design resources in the United States.

Steinberg's next venture was as a design stylist to the home furnishings industry for textiles, wall coverings, china and furniture. His product designs were produced in Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Israel as well as in the United States and marketed internationally.

Today, Charles Steinberg has brought his creativity to another level of artistic expression in his body of work Mythic City®. In these paintings, he utilized multiple mediums, fusing contrasting sources and materials such as acrylics, oils, resins, extruded metals and computer generated imagery. These are the building materials of the Mythic City®. Nuances of light and contrasting techniques, even humor, come together in this remarkable collection of works of art.



The Mythic City® by Charles Steinberg
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